OLLY PITCHER – The Beat Goes On – Single 2020

Melodic Techno / Electronic
Dense, Enigmatic, Suggestive, Vibrating

"Mysterious textures of beating exotic darkness in subtle rhythmic intermittence"

Olly Pitcher is a producer based in San Diego, California.


Electro / Electronic
Dense, Intense, Disquieting

"Alarming electro, peripherical darkness, fragmentary atmospheres, broken or syncopated rhythms and other forms of rhythmic density"

Links: Vema DiodesThe Bandit – Label: Útil Records
Vema Diodes and The Bandit, from Barcelona, are two of the members and founders of Útil Records.

PERSOHNA – The Tipping Point – Ep 2020

Intense, Dark, Vibrating

"Electrifying darkness and techno machinery in permanent state of excitement"

Persohna is a DJ and Producer born in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, but based in London. He is also the founder and head of Aesir Records.

GUYD – Crossing – Ep 2020

Dark Disco
Intense, Dark, Enigmatic, Vibrating

"Incessant danceable waves of cosmic enigma and expandable density with that rock vibe"

Links: Guyd – Label: Espacio Cielo
French “Guyd is a French musician, producer and remixer ”. The Ep (released on Espacio Cielo) includes two originals and remixes by Parissior, Moo Monster and Oval Future Face.

KLANKMAN – Danger – Ep 2020

Techno / Acid
Dense, Raw, Intense, Vibrating

"A techno storm cloud full of acid condensations and dangerous atmospheres"

Links: Klankman – Label: Lo Phi Forms Records
Klankman (Maarten Epskamp) is a dj and live act from The Netherlands.

SAUCO – Something Special – Ep 2020

Disco / Electronica
Dense, Intense, Exciting, Vibrating

"Constant change in an intriguing electronica with a disco body, pleasant and enigmatic at the same time, as classic as unexpected"

Links: Sauco – Label: Espacio Cielo
Sauco is a Dj and Producer from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain).

JAVIER BUSTO – Acid Drop – Ep 2019

Dark Disco / Electronica / EBM
Dark, Intense, Vibrating, Exciting

"Something powerful, dangerous and imminent is chasing you, hidden in the dark"

Links: Javier Busto – Label: Logical Records
Javier Busto is a Spanish Dj and Producer. The “Acid Drop” ep (Logical Records, 2019) includes the original track and three remixes by James Rod, Durand and Lusca.