MODERNPHASE – Neandertal – Ep 2020

Dense, Raw, Eclectic

"Raw, unclassifiable (and funny) primitivism, bizarre electro and Neanderthals dancing in a ravine"

Links: Modernphase – Label: Espacio Cielo
Modernphase is one of the projects of Kali (Luis G.Vallespín): audio engineer, producer, dj and blogger.

PERSOHNA – The Tipping Point – Ep 2020

Intense, Dark, Vibrating

"Electrifying darkness and techno machinery in permanent state of excitement"

Persohna is a DJ and Producer born in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, but based in London. He is also the founder and head of Aesir Records.

STAATSEINDE – Darüber Reden Wir Nicht – Ep 2020

Synthwave / EBM / “Neue Niederländische Welle”
Intense, Blunt, Turbulent, Disturbing, Exciting, Rebellious, Non-Conformist, Eclectic

"Synths, rhythms and electronic alien punks as the agitators and subversive sounds in a dystopian society in permanent state of alarm"

Staatseinde is a Dutch trio founded in 2006. “Darüber Reden Wir Nicht” (Lo Phi Forms Records, 2020) is their third ep, though they have released material on all formats.

SAUCO – Something Special – Ep 2020

Disco / Electronica
Dense, Intense, Exciting, Vibrating

"Constant change in an intriguing electronica with a disco body, pleasant and enigmatic at the same time, as classic as unexpected"

Links: Sauco – Label: Espacio Cielo
Sauco is a Dj and Producer from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain).

THE BANDIT – Novo Area – Mini Album 2019

Dark, Dense, Exciting

"Contraband darkness in this electro full of bold adulterations. It makes your body and brain dance while it hypnotizes you"

Links: The Bandit – Label: Útil Records
The Bandit (a.k.a. Spy Dj) is a dj and producer from Barcelona. Catalunya. Spain.