OLLY PITCHER – The Beat Goes On – Single 2020

Melodic Techno / Electronic
Dense, Enigmatic, Suggestive, Vibrating

"Mysterious textures of beating exotic darkness in subtle rhythmic intermittence"

Olly Pitcher is a producer based in San Diego, California.

SOMATIC RESPONSES – The Dogma Of Function – Ep 2020

IDM / Techno / Breakcore
Disturbing, Enigmatic, Dense, Dark

"The sonic dislocations and enigmatic multiplicity of fractured elements and melodies immersed in dystopian darkness"

Links: Somatic Responses – Label: Errorgrid
Somatic Responses are the Welsh brothers Paul and John Healy

GUYD – Crossing – Ep 2020

Dark Disco
Intense, Dark, Enigmatic, Vibrating

"Incessant danceable waves of cosmic enigma and expandable density with that rock vibe"

Links: Guyd – Label: Espacio Cielo
French “Guyd is a French musician, producer and remixer ”. The Ep (released on Espacio Cielo) includes two originals and remixes by Parissior, Moo Monster and Oval Future Face.

THIRD COLONY – Remind Me, So I Can Sleep – Album 2020

Electronica / Downbeat / IDM
Dense, Deep, Dark, Enigmatic, Emotional

"A semi-fragmented conglomerate of intense beats, introspective darkness and heavy emotion"

Debut album by THIRD COLONY (Yan Caspar Hirschbuehl from Canada and Julien Carbou from France).

POLYTONE SYSTEM – Traum – Single 2020

Techno / Melodic Techno
Dark, Intense, Enigmatic

"Techno darkness and enigmatic melodies in elegant but muscular movement"

Polytone System is Riccardo Leonardi, an Italian producer and dj.

MESA – Anamalous Signals – Single 2019

Dense, Deep, Hypnotic

"Something disquieting and anomalous in a continuous emission of techno and grey ambiences"

Links: Mesa – Label: Kvltö Records
Mesa is a London based electronic musician, producer and dj. “Anamalous Signals” (Kvltö Records, 2019) contains the original track of the same name and four remixes by Aquiver, Andy Martin, Kill Acid On Space and Unclear.

THIRD COLONY / BURR OAK – Life:Protocol – Ep 2020

Downbeat / Bass / Electronica / IDM
Intense, Dark, Dense, Deep, Strange, Enigmatic, Emotional

"Machines and their electronic music have soul, but it floats on a slow but massive texture of sci-fi, dehumanization and beats"

THIRD COLONY are a collective of musicians from different countries (Yan Caspar Hirschbuehl from Canada and Julien Carbou from France).
BURR OAK is the French collaborative project from The Clamps and Opsen.
Julien Carbou (aka The Clamps) is the common member in both projects.