MALARKI – X7e4 – Ep 2020

Experimental / Industrial
Dense, Raw, Abstract

"A sombre dissonant continuous transmission of signals, soundscapes, tremors and rhythmic sonic rituals"

Links: Malarki – Label: Errorgrid
Malarki is the experimental electronic music project by Patrick Coleman (from Oakland, California).

ENSSEMBL – Clash – Single 2020

Melodic Techno
Dense, Intense, Elegant

"Elegant masses of darkness and rhythm full of metallic elements in pleasant friction"

Links: Enssembl – Label: Metronomic
Alexandre Francou, a.k.a. Enssembl is a French DJ and producer based in New York City. He started organizing dance parties in Nyc, called Metronomic, which is also the name of his label.

GUYD – Crossing – Ep 2020

Dark Disco
Intense, Dark, Enigmatic, Vibrating

"Incessant danceable waves of cosmic enigma and expandable density with that rock vibe"

Links: Guyd – Label: Espacio Cielo
French “Guyd is a French musician, producer and remixer ”. The Ep (released on Espacio Cielo) includes two originals and remixes by Parissior, Moo Monster and Oval Future Face.

KLANKMAN – Danger – Ep 2020

Techno / Acid
Dense, Raw, Intense, Vibrating

"A techno storm cloud full of acid condensations and dangerous atmospheres"

Links: Klankman – Label: Lo Phi Forms Records
Klankman (Maarten Epskamp) is a dj and live act from The Netherlands.

J. GONZALBO – Equation Cycles – Ep 2020

Dense, Grey, Intense, Imperturbable

"A continuous techno transmitter of disquieting atmospheres, sinuous signals and impassive rhythmic cycles"

Jaime Gonzalbo is an Spanish dj and producer.

SAUCO – Something Special – Ep 2020

Disco / Electronica
Dense, Intense, Exciting, Vibrating

"Constant change in an intriguing electronica with a disco body, pleasant and enigmatic at the same time, as classic as unexpected"

Links: Sauco – Label: Espacio Cielo
Sauco is a Dj and Producer from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain).