NUNDALE – Staircases: A – Ep 2020

IDM / Dark Electronica
Dark, Deep, Intense

"Dark fears become massive discontinuous rhythm and broken deepness in an abyss of electronica, cutting sounds and prolific heaviness"

Links: Nundale – Label: Errorgrid
NUNDALE is Swiss musician Olivier B. Egli (currently residing in Los Angeles, California). He is also the founder of Errorgrid Records.

ENSSEMBL – Clash – Single 2020

Melodic Techno
Dense, Intense, Elegant

"Elegant masses of darkness and rhythm full of metallic elements in pleasant friction"

Links: Enssembl – Label: Metronomic
Alexandre Francou, a.k.a. Enssembl is a French DJ and producer based in New York City. He started organizing dance parties in Nyc, called Metronomic, which is also the name of his label.

ELECTRORITES – Synthesis – Ep 2019

Techno / Industrial
Dark, Obsessive, Intense

"Darkness, terror and all their lacerating elements in their most exciting forms"

Electrorites is an Italian DJ and Producer. He is also the owner of the labels Structures Records and Nightmare Factory Records.

GUYD – Crossing – Ep 2020

Dark Disco
Intense, Dark, Enigmatic, Vibrating

"Incessant danceable waves of cosmic enigma and expandable density with that rock vibe"

Links: Guyd – Label: Espacio Cielo
French “Guyd is a French musician, producer and remixer ”. The Ep (released on Espacio Cielo) includes two originals and remixes by Parissior, Moo Monster and Oval Future Face.

THIRD COLONY – Remind Me, So I Can Sleep – Album 2020

Electronica / Downbeat / IDM
Dense, Deep, Dark, Enigmatic, Emotional

"A semi-fragmented conglomerate of intense beats, introspective darkness and heavy emotion"

Debut album by THIRD COLONY (Yan Caspar Hirschbuehl from Canada and Julien Carbou from France).

DANNY RELIEF – Wacky Wave – Single 2020

Techno / Melodic Techno
Dark, Intense

"The majesty of darkness in a danceable but dramatic techno with traces of melodic melancholy"

Danny Relief (a.k.a. Degrader) is the Italian producer Silvio D’Alessandro.

POLYTONE SYSTEM – Traum – Single 2020

Techno / Melodic Techno
Dark, Intense, Enigmatic

"Techno darkness and enigmatic melodies in elegant but muscular movement"

Polytone System is Riccardo Leonardi, an Italian producer and dj.