SIMONE LALLI – Muta / Larva – Ep 2021

Electronic / IDM / Industrial
Dark, Intense, Dense, Disturbing, Disquieting

"A disturbing but beautiful process of electronic metamorphosis, rhythms and darkness"

Simone Lalli is an Italian electronic music producer. “Muta/Larva” is his second work, released in cooperation with AOR (Ammiratore Omonimo Records).

TL3SS – Murkwhip – Ep 2021

Industrial / Techno / Dark Electronics
Dark, Powerful, Intense, Enigmatic

"Modular darkness, grey noise and distortion and pounding rhythmic roughness in organic progress"

Links: TL3SS – Label: Errorgrid
TL3SS (Florida) uses modular synthesizers and other tools and instruments in realtime experimentation.

NOIZTATIC – Decapitation Of Sacrificed Hearts – Ep 2019

Dark Industrial / Dark Ambient
Dark, Dense

"Slow electronic rituals of sinuous darkness and distant magnificence"

Links: Noiztatic – Label: Larmes
Noiztatic is an electronic music project by Egyptian producers Amr El Abiad and Khaled Weshahy.

PIRÁMIDE – El Canal De Los Presos – Ep 2021

Electronic / Experimental / Idm / Flamenco / Trap
Dense, Dark, Emotional, Dramatic, Eclectic, Strange, Enigmatic, Disquieting

"A kaleidoscopic collage of Sevilla traditions and urban, experimental and electronic music, as modern as furtive and folkloric"

Links: Pirámide
Pirámide is a collective created to make visible the cultural essence of Low Guadalquivir through electronic experimentation.