RVSSIA & NORBERTO LUSSO – Random Desires – Ep 2020

Industrial / Techno
Dark, Blunt, Intense

"Unstoppable percussive industry over Turinese post-modern darkness in thorough and electrifying proliferation"

Rvssia and Norberto Lusso are Italian producers, djs and live performers.

ELECTRORITES – Synthesis – Ep 2019

Techno / Industrial
Dark, Obsessive, Intense

"Darkness, terror and all their lacerating elements in their most exciting forms"

Electrorites is an Italian DJ and Producer. He is also the owner of the labels Structures Records and Nightmare Factory Records.

KLANKMAN – Danger – Ep 2020

Techno / Acid
Dense, Raw, Intense, Vibrating

"A techno storm cloud full of acid condensations and dangerous atmospheres"

Links: Klankman – Label: Lo Phi Forms Records
Klankman (Maarten Epskamp) is a dj and live act from The Netherlands.

J. GONZALBO – Equation Cycles – Ep 2020

Dense, Grey, Intense, Imperturbable

"A continuous techno transmitter of disquieting atmospheres, sinuous signals and impassive rhythmic cycles"

Jaime Gonzalbo is an Spanish dj and producer.

DANNY RELIEF – Wacky Wave – Single 2020

Techno / Melodic Techno
Dark, Intense

"The majesty of darkness in a danceable but dramatic techno with traces of melodic melancholy"

Danny Relief (a.k.a. Degrader) is the Italian producer Silvio D’Alessandro.