KWARTZ – Reinforced Control – Ep 2021

Intense, Dense, Metallic, Raw

"Greyish storms of techno, steely elements and resounding frequencies"

Links: Kwartz – Label: Trauma Collective
Pole Group member and Order & Devotion main man Mario Campos aka Kwartz is a producer and dj from Madrid, based in Berlin.

FACUNDO FERNÁNDEZ – Najbrutalnejsie Techno – Ep 2020

Intense, Dense

"Rhythmic row in a square metre; high-spirited darkness and a rivalry between dampened techno detonations and palpitating kicks"

Facundo Fernández aka DJ Fuck is a Dj and Producer from Argentina.

ISRAEL TOLEDO – Pain As Method – Ep 2020

Dark, Dense, Nocturnal

"Images of a techno nightmare, full of auditory tappings under a dark drizzle"

Israel Toledo is a Mexican Dj and Producer based in Germany. He is also the founder of Assassin Soldier Recordings.

SOMATIC RESPONSES – The Dogma Of Function – Ep 2020

IDM / Techno / Breakcore
Disturbing, Enigmatic, Dense, Dark

"The sonic dislocations and enigmatic multiplicity of fractured elements and melodies immersed in dystopian darkness"

Links: Somatic Responses – Label: Errorgrid
Somatic Responses are the Welsh brothers Paul and John Healy

THE UNDERPROJECT – Macabre – Single 2020

Dark – Industrial / Techno
Dark, Intense

"A massive processing of majestic darkness, pounding techno, noisy machinery and alarming melodies"

The Underproject is an Italian Dj and Producer. “Go” is his fitfh single on the Italian label Darkcrow Records.