SIMONE LALLI – Muta / Larva – Ep 2021

Electronic / IDM / Industrial
Dark, Intense, Dense, Disturbing, Disquieting

"A disturbing but beautiful process of electronic metamorphosis, rhythms and darkness"

Simone Lalli is an Italian electronic music producer. “Muta/Larva” is his second work, released in cooperation with AOR (Ammiratore Omonimo Records).

MALARKI – X7e4 – Ep 2020

Experimental / Industrial
Dense, Raw, Abstract

"A sombre dissonant continuous transmission of signals, soundscapes, tremors and rhythmic sonic rituals"

Links: Malarki – Label: Errorgrid
Malarki is the experimental electronic music project by Patrick Coleman (from Oakland, California).

RVSSIA & NORBERTO LUSSO – Random Desires – Ep 2020

Industrial / Techno
Dark, Blunt, Intense

"Unstoppable percussive industry over Turinese post-modern darkness in thorough and electrifying proliferation"

Rvssia and Norberto Lusso are Italian producers, djs and live performers.

ELECTRORITES – Synthesis – Ep 2019

Techno / Industrial
Dark, Obsessive, Intense

"Darkness, terror and all their lacerating elements in their most exciting forms"

Electrorites is an Italian DJ and Producer. He is also the owner of the labels Structures Records and Nightmare Factory Records.

HYPERLACRIMAE – Yoga Darśana – Album 2020

Dark-Industrial / Industrial / Post-Industrial
Dark, Intense, Blunt, Hypnotic, Tribal

"A vibrating and primitive industrial ritual of overwhelming and insane darkness, oneiric majesty and gloomy percussive power"

Links: Hyperlacrimae – Label: Infidel Bodies
HYPERLACRIMAE is an Italian duo (Nocturnerror + 11xxx27). “Yoga Darśana” (Infidel Bodies, 2020) includes nine tracks and three remixes by Shrouds, Impure Secretion and Scarpa. Available in digital format and cassette.

SIMONE LALLI – Marefermo – EP 2020

Electronic / IDM / Industrial / Glitch
Intense, Dark, Dense, Disquieting, Enigmatic
Simone Lalli is an Italian electronic music producer. He previously released music as Autobam. “Marefermo EP” is both his last effort and his debut.